“Ipsa Scientia potestas est.” “Knowledge itself is power” thus said Francis Bacon, apparently, in 1597. Well, we live in the information age, and we know that the right information can save us a lot of time and money. When it comes to the rubbish removal business, knowledge, sure is, power. The world of waste management (before it had such a high fallutin name) used to be shrouded in shabby secrecy. It was back alley trash talk and a load of smelly truths. The garbo rode his garbo truck in a haze of flies and filthy muck.

Online Marketplaces Are Shaking Up The Rubbish Removal Business

Today, the trucks are cleaner and the garbologist is accredited with a degree in environmental science. It is all technology and recycling, gleaming and new. The odour of refuse is a holier than thou sensory experience. It is a shade of righteous green in an urban setting. Online marketplaces are shaking up the rubbish removal business, despite the dross and debris. According to the ABC’s Four Corners report, the industry is still on the nose, when it comes to playing by the rules, but we all turn a blind eye to our waste products.

The services on offer are prodigious, it seems, but suspicions point to it all ending up in the same land fill, just the same. The waste management industry is all smoke and mirrors, cosmetic stuff like a Hollywood backlot. Then the truck backs it all over some blood great big pit and it is all forgotten in someone else’s backyard. Billions of dollars are changing hands and less than salubrious gentlemen are making a motza. If you shop around online, you will find a choice of services and providers. You can cut to the chase and get a better deal.

If you have some junk to offload, some serious scrap, a pile of refuse or detritus to get rid of, get online and go to market. Don’t just take the first deal offered, make sure that you shop around. Waste is now sliced and diced a hundred different ways. There are numerous subcategories of trash and debris to carefully consider. Putting the rubbish out is not a simple matter for the uneducated, it takes more than just effort or will. The worlds of waste are myriad and unseen to the uninitiated. A wink and a nod, and a backhander in the right pocket, may just get you over the line.