Ordering food online is always a fun experience. But, I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food. This is how far technology has come to sustaining us. Well, we are nearly there since we are able to order food online, have it delivered rain or shine.

The food delivery market is changing rapidly. More people are ordering food online rather than going out to eat unless they are already out and hungry. If your business is in any way related to food (restaurants, groceries, fast food etc) then you should pay attention and take notice.

There are many reasons but most popular for ordering food online are as follows :

  • Convenience – Ordering food online saves time. As time is the ultimate luxury, even thirty minutes saved is a big deal. Time better spent on worthwhile pursuits instead of getting ready to go out and traffic to and from the restaurant.
  • Comfort – Not all food are created equal. Shrimp, crabs those delectable seafood and finger lickin’ ribs. Why go through all the trouble of cooking and washing pots and pans when you can order in, pour some wine and put your feet up while you nibble on those tasty bits? And you don’t have to worry about strange looks going your way as your escargot goes flying away from you.
  • Choices – Restaurants would usually just cater to fresh food to be consumed immediately. Groceries though offer food that can be stored. And some that will deliver food that satisfies cravings like real South African Biltong in Sydney.
  • Communication – Most people like to be outside except when eating. Specially in classy restaurants with foreign sounding menu. Waiters can take a long time taking orders and when one starts to order, it is sometimes embarrassing to realise you are pronouncing food wrong. Online you could even look it up to see what it should look like.
  • Contingency – In case you’re not up to eating microwaved food. Again. Or the dinner you were planning on as a surprise is not turning out to be a good one.


It would be interesting to see the future of food delivery. With the emergence of food delivery apps where that no longer limits to just one food choice/shop/restaurant. It’s like having your own personal food shopper. It’s the ultimate delicious luxury.