Dentists in Australia operate outside of the subsidised Medicare system (to all intents and purposes), which covers most other healthcare professionals. Dentistry is, apparently, too expensive for the Australian Government to cover the general population, with partial coverage only available for young children, and some pensioners and health card holders. Private health insurance options do exist in a variety of packages. It may be this independence, which has encouraged dentists to take the initiative in promoting their businesses beyond many other professions in the healthcare industry. Digital marketing has been taken up early and aggressively by the men and women with the high-speed drills.

Strong Competition In The Online Space For Dentists

The well-respected consumer research magazine Choice, tells readers that the average cost of a visit to the dentist in this country is around $231. This information was garnered from a survey conducted by the Australian Dental Association in 2016. There are, apparently, no standard fees set in place, which means that consumers can find a considerable divergence in amounts charged for services by dentists. A crown varied from $1261 to $1945; what is consistent, however, is the basic premise that dentistry does not come in cheap in this nation. The average rate charged on a per hour basis is adjudged at $435.

Obviously, it is, also, not cheap to run a dental practice in Australia, but all the evidence points to the profession being a profitable pursuit. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is strong competition in the online space for dentists. If they can charge what they see fit, it is in their interest to attract the most well-heeled clientele. A great website, which has effective organic SEO, and an AdWords campaign, are both important strategies to achieve that end.

Digital marketing through social media management is another important prong in a successful online strategy. Dentists must keep up with the latest dental training; and similarly, those reaping the rewards in customers know that their digital marketing must be constantly updated. Fresh breath confidence and wide white smiles are the result of good dental hygiene and practice.  In the same way, staying top on Google’s PageRank only results from a marketing budget that recognises the digital realities of the twenty first century. Being featured in the media, in both social and traditional forms, is an essential part of the process. Successful dental practices employ cutting edge online marketing to ensure their place at the top of the list.